Tuesday, March 13, 2012

The Oxford American Chooses the South's Best Photographers

The Mississippi-based journal the Oxford American has chosen the top 100 Southern artists, and a lot of them are photographers.

The folks at the Oxford American came up with this list by consulting, they say, "gallery owners, curators, critics, [and] artists."  They have not posted all the winners on their website -- the top 40 are only listed in the print edition of the journal, and my copy hasn't made it to me yet.

But the website does list the bottom 60, and here are the photographers from among them:

Susan Worsham
Matt Eich
Frank Hamrick
Christopher Sims
Jon-Phillip Sheridan
Jessica Ingram
Louviere + Vanessa
Angela West
Johnathon Kelso
Alex Leme
Nathan Alexander Ward
Jason Miller
Daniel J. Moskop
Paul Outlaw and Jennifer Catron
Tammy Mercure
Ben Gately Williams
Blake Fitch
Jonathan Michael Hicks
Brandon Thibodeaux
Shelley Calton
Jennifer E. Fairfax
Eliot Dudik.

Great to see these folks getting this kind of recognition. Some of the names are familiar to us, while others are not. 

I'm always delighted to learn of photographers new to me, and I will be getting these folks into my lists of photographers as I get to know them better. I will also be sending along the Top 40 as soon as I get my hands on an Oxford American.

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