Thursday, May 5, 2011

Sally Mann at Harvard -- Report from the Scene

Silke Hase at Creative Momentz Photography in Boston went to Sally Mann's lecture at Harvard on Tuesday night and made the image above, and filed a report on her blog HERE.

Mann's lecture series was entitled, "If Memory Serves." 

Silke found Mann's talk "Very poetic, and funny. Very personal. Very inspiring."

Thanks, Silkie, for this report!  I join you in hoping that Mann's lectures are published in the future.

Another report, HERE, this time from Blogger 365. And HERE, from Amy, who has a slew of pictures, including this one, taken at the reception.
Word is that Mann's lectures will be published, so we we can be there too. Thanks to all for making this event available to us who weren't there. Although I will be in Cambridge in a couple of weeks; bad planning on my part.


  1. Hi John,
    My name is Steven Brown. I'm a native of Lake Charles, Louisiana, and am currently a student in the History of American Civilization Ph.D. program at Harvard. I was actually Sally Mann's liaison during the Massey Lectures, and I have to say, it was a terrific honor to have hosted one of the South's greatest living artists. I'll be writing some of my thoughts on the program on my blog soon (, but suffice it to say, very little has been written on Southern photography, and Sally delivered some VERY important critical insights to this relatively unexplored field, which consists mostly of individual biographies. Though photography has had some great historians, it seems to me that no one really wants to touch the political landmine of what everyone recognizes as "Southern." In fact, no definitive history has been written, and it's 2011! Sally's lectures were brave, honest, and smart. They were by far the most engaging of any of the Massey Lectures Harvard has hosted.

    Thanks for the great blog, John! Hope we get a chance to meet when you come up to Cambridge!

  2. John and Steven, I am a friend of Sally's who, with enormous regret, could not attend the lectures. You can't imagine how much I am looking forward to reading the transcripts, even though I know it will not be the same as "being there". I've heard from Sally about her experience, but I thank you both for these personal accounts, and the blog links. All my very best, Jenni

  3. Jackson Fine Art will be exhibiting Sally Mann's 'Proud Flesh' and other works. Opening Friday, September 9th 6-8pm. The artist will be in attendance to sign copies of 'The Flesh and the Spirit'. Visit for more info. Contact to reserve a signed book.