Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Brett Abbott Assumes Duties as Curator of Photography at the High Museum in Atlanta

Brett Abbott has assumed his new duties as Curator of Photography at the High Museum in Atlanta. He replaces Julian Cox, who enhanced significantly the High's role in the exhibition and collection of fine art photography.

The announcement of his appointment is here, from Artdaily. There is an interview -- just published -- with Abbott HERE, from Atlanta Magazine. And another HERE from ArtsCriticAtl.


  1. John:

    Absolutely terrific blog: great multifarious links, many photographers and sites to check out: way to go.

    Southern photographers:

    How about Jerry Uelsmann? He's been at U of F forever: He's gotta count as Southern.

    And how about notable photographers who did their best work in the South: Like Doris Ulmann?

    Thanks for the passionate work.

    Jim Finch
    Durham, NC

  2. Jim, many thanks for the good words. I've added Jerry Uelsmann to the blog. I don't know Doris Ulmann's work but will get to know it.