Monday, March 14, 2011

Jonathan Traviesa Featured on One One Thousand

New Orleans-based photographer Jonathan Traviesa is the latest photographer to be featured in One One Thousand, the on-line magazine of Southern Fine Art Photography.

Traviesa was born in San Francisco but soon moved to the New Orleans area. He studied at the New Orleans Academy of Fine Art (NOAFA) and earned a degree from the University of New Orleans in 2001. Since then he has had numerous solo and group exhibitions in New Orleans, Philadelphia, Chicago, and New York.  He's now on the faculty at NOAFA

Traviesa has been working for years on an ongoing series of  environmental portraits of citizens of New Orleans. His show of work on One One Thousand is drawn from this series, as was his first book, Portraits, with a concurrent exhibition at The Front Gallery during October and November of 2009. 

One One Thousand continues to do an outstanding job of bringing us strong photographs by folks like Jonathan Traviesa. Keep up the good work, folks! 

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