Friday, March 11, 2011

Jack Spencer at Rebekah Jacob Gallery

Nashville-based photographer Jack Spencer has a show of large color prints up at the Rebekah Jacob Gallery in Charleston, SC, up through March of 2011, in a show of work from Jack's portfolio This Land.

I had the privilege of seeing this work earlier this week. Jack's mastery of light and color in these images makes for haunting, powerful landscapes that draw the viewer in, deeper and deeper, into Southern landscapes of field and forest, of dirt roads that lead the eye back into the woods where sunlight plays across clearings, of marshlands and seascapes and rolling hills.
What Jack really nails in these images is the play of light across the Southern landscape. He's definitely a Southern Photographer We Watch Out For, and we were delighted to see his work in person.

The Internet is great for photography, folks, but there is no substitute for seeing the real image, printed out, on the wall, and in person.

By all means, check out this show if you are in Charleston. While you are at it, get to know the Rebekah Jacob Gallery, a gem among the crowded gallery scene in Charleston.

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