Friday, July 9, 2010

David Strohl Featured on Conscientious Blog

Savannah photographer David Strohl is featured now on Joerg Colberg's influential blog Conscientious. Colberg says David's portfolios contain "some very beautiful work." And indeed they do. 

David does fine work, treats -- especially in his To Drift Savannah portfolio -- distinctively Southern settings, landscapes, and people, and describes his work in terms that echo definitions of the "Southern" in literary and cultural studies.

Here is David on his work:

"We all interact and entwine our stories, telling of the local culture and thus helping to define a greater region. The way we act, the things we do, the way we strive for uniqueness and individuality through the adornment of ourselves and our space, cannot help but be influenced by the intricate cultural relationships that envelop our lives."

David is definitely a Southern Photographer to Watch Out For.

David's mention on Conscientious, however, and especially for his work in Savannah, is interesting for me because I once got into a multi-stroke interchange with Colberg over whether there was such a thing as a school of or regional influence on or history that influences the practice of photography. I said yes, obviously, but he said no. He said that fine art photographers the world over today had transcended the regional or the national and were all part of an international Culture of Fine Art.

But then he turns around and reorganizes his blog to feature photographers by nationality. Go figure.

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