Friday, September 1, 2017

More News of Southern Photographers -- Late Summer 2017

Kat Kiernan, formerly owner of a photography gallery in Lexington, VA, and still editor of the magazine Don’t Take Pictures, has now become Director of Panopticon Gallery, on Commonwealth Avenue, in Boston, MA.

Her first show as Director of the Gallery is a group show entitled At Sea, go here.

Among the work included in this show is a set of tricolor gum prints by Raleigh-based photographer Diana Bloomfield (see image above). 

Chapel Hill-based photographer Susan Harbage Page (see image above) is opening a show of her photographs taken in the Italian town of Spello, go here. 

The show is part of Spello FotoFest 2017.  

It occurs to me that Page and Betty Press, who also summers in Italy, should get together. Seems to me, they have a lot to talk about, as Southern photographers as well as photographers of Italy.  

Earlier this year, TIME magazine assembled a distinguished panel of folks who then chose 12 African American Photographers You Should Follow Right Now, go here.

Among the 12 are the following Southern photographers:
Winston-Salem-based photographer Endia Beal (see image above).

Also Atlanta-based photographer Joshua Rashaad McFadden (see image above).

Also, Atlanta-born but NYC-based photographer Shamayim (see image above).

Also, Baltimore-based photographer Michael McCoy (see image above). 

Also, New Orleans-based photographer Chandra McCormick (see image above). 

McCormick works in New Orleans with her husband Keith Calhoun (see image above), another fine Southern photographer. 

Congratulations to all these fine photographers! 

More later, from the Southern Photographer.   

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