Friday, June 16, 2017

Mark Steinmetz is Having a Productive 2017, and its only June

Athens, Georgia-based photographer Mark Steinmetz (see image above) just closed a show of work from his portfolio South, at the Yancy Richardson Gallery in NYC

Steinmetz' show was featured in the Guardian newspaper, with the title Georgia on My Mind, go here.  

It was also featured in the online ezine L'Oeil de la Photographie, go here. 

Also, in a feature story entitled "how mark steinmetz captures love and lightning in the american south," by Emily Manning, in I-D, go here

Steinmetz' book The Players (see image above) was chosen as an essential book of photography for 2017 by Tank Magazine, go here. 

He has also been featured in a podcast by The Magic Hour, go here

Steinmetz has also joined the growing list of photographers commissioned by Atlanta's High Museum of Art to produce a portfolio of work for the High's Picturing the South series. 

Steinmetz' work will be exhibited at the High Museum later in 2017. 

Earlier this year, Steinmetz had work in the exceptionally fine Southern Accent: Seeking the American South in Contemporary Art show at Duke University's Nasher Museum.

In addition, Steinmetz takes opportunities to get out of the South to produce bodies of work like his portfolio Angel City West, a set of images made in Los Angeles.

This body of work was the subject of a solo show at the Hartman Fine Art Gallery in Los Angeles in February and March of ths year.

So, much to celebrate and look forward to in the burgeoning career of Mark Steinmetz, in 2017!

Congratulations to Steinmetz on this fine work and on all the well-deserved recognition. 

And, its only June -- who knows what the next few months will offer?

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