Friday, December 9, 2016

Southern Photographers in the News -- Late Fall 2016

Some notes on Southern photographers who have published work recently -- 

Honorary Southern Photographer Carrie Mae Weems' book Kitchen Table Series (see image above), published in 2016 by Damiani/Matsumoto Editions, is beginning to show up in lists of the best photography books of 2016.

 Savannah, GA-based photographer Anna Brody (see image above) has had work from her Short Brown Grass portfolio featured in Issue 92 (November 2016) of Fraction magazine, go here.

Photographs made in Waynesboro, GA by San Diego-based photographer Abbey Hepner (see image above) of the construction of a nuclear power plant have been featured in Issue 93 (December 2016) of Fraction magazine, go here. 

New York-based photographer (but occasional photographer in the South) Shane Lavalette (see image above) has now self-published his portfolio of work done on commission from the High Museum in Atlanta with the title One Sun, One Shadow. 

Lavalette's work is organized around the idea of the music of the South, and is a meditation on the South by someone who did not grow up here. 

Lavalette's work has recently been featured by PDN in its online Photo of the Day feature, go here.

Chapel Hill-based photographer Bill Ferris (see image above) has recently published a book of his photographs with the UNC Press  under the title The South in Color.

For more about the book, go here and here.

Asheville-based photographer Tim Barnwell (see image above) has published in LensWork magazine a portfolio of gorgeous photographs of historically significant buildings and outdoor sites mainly in the cities of Charleston and Savannah. 

Barnwell's portfolio, titled Jewels of the Southern Coast, includes images of courthouses, churches, historic homes, commercial business, cemeteries, and other sites. 

You can see more of this portfolio of you go to Barnwell's website here. 

A portion of the work in this portfolio is in a group show called Southern Heritage – 500 Years In The Making at Atlanta's Lumiere Gallery, now through December 17th, 2016. 

Photographers in addition to Barnwell with work i this show include Thomas Neff, Edward Weston, Dorothea Lange, Peter Sekaer, Berenice Abbott and Arnold Newman.

Charlottesville, VA-based photographer Matt Eich (see image above) recently self-published a book of work from his Carry Me Ohio portfolio, which has been featured in a story in the New Yorker, go here

Mississippi-based photographer Maude Schuyler Clay's book Mississippi History (see image above)  has been the subject of an extended feature book review by Leo Hsu, in Fraction magazine, Issue 88, go here. 

Clay's work has also been featured in Garden and Gun magazine, go here. 

Congratulations to all these shooters for reaching these milestones of achievements and recognition in their careers. 

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