Monday, October 17, 2016

SxSE Celebrates the First Five Years -- UPDATED

Congratulations to Nancy McCrary and all the fine folks at SxSE Photomagazine for reaching a significant milestone in the history of this outstanding contribution to the world of Southern photography.

This past summer SxSE celebrated its first five years, a remarkable achievement in this age of radical transformations in the world of publishing.

In addition, McCrary and the gang have expanded the scope of their activities to include sponsoring photoworkshops and offering prints, books, and other photo-related goods for sale in the SxSE Shop, here.

The newest venture for this Southern photography conglomerate is South x Southeast PhotoExhibitions, a process intended to bring photography "to the eyes of collectors, gallery directors, editors, and photography enthusiasts through curated exhibitions with established galleries in the American South."

These shows will be juried by photography professionals and exhibited in galleries that are "skilled at achieving the maximum exposure for your images"

Work selected for these shows will be for sale during the bricks-and-mortar show, then in a virtual gallery on on SxSE's special photo exhibition website. This work will also be featured in SxSE magazine and on SxSE's social media pages. 

The first of these exhibitions has recently been announced, to be juried by Elizabeth Avedon and exhibited in March of 2017 in the Brickworks Gallery in Atlanta. 

For full details, go here. 

But the most important thing, of course, is the ongoing range, quality, and variety of photography SxSE brings us every two months.

The riches in the latest issue include features on photographers like Charlottesville, VA-based Stacey Evans (see image above) and Baltimore, Maryland-based photographer Karen Klinendinst (see image below).

They also include reviews of shows like the Thomas Struth show (see image below) now up through January 8th, 2017 at the High Museum in Atlanta.

Also, reviews, interviews, and features about new photography books, including the new one by Ed Croom focused on the landscape around Roan Oak, William Faulkner's home in Oxford, Mississippi.

Everything McCrary brings us is worth our careful attention -- congratulations on the first five years, and definitely keep up the great work!