Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Photography Festivals in the South -- Fall 2016

Cooler nights and the first glimpses of autumn color in the leaves remind us that the fall photography festivals across the South are about to begin.

Leading off, of course, is the most Southern of festivals, SlowExposures, this year on from September the 15th through the 18th in Pike County, Georgia.

The full schedule is here. The list of exhibitors in the juried show is here. The list of pop-up shows is growing, signaling continued expansion of this wonderful event, full listing is here.

So much to look forward to in Pike County, Georgia, this weekend!

October, in central North Carolina, brings us CLICK! the Triangle Photography Festival, running from October 1st through 30th in Raleigh, Durham, and Chapel Hill.

Special highlights this year include lectures by Distinguished Southern Photographer Jerry Uelsmann and celebrated South African photographer Zanele Muholi, as well as an expandee field of shows and exhibitions and an expanded portfolio review.

For a list of events that are part of CLICK!, go here.

October, in Georgia, of course brings us what my father would call the Daddy Rabbit of Southern Photography festivals -- Atlanta Celebrates Photography --which started out being about the month of October but now starts in September and continues long past the end of the month.

The full ACP Guide is here. 

So much good photography to see, so many learned speakers to hear, so many events to take part in! 

And there is more to come. Check back for news of more on festivals later in the fall. 

The life of the Southern photographer is full, and good.

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