Monday, August 22, 2016

Southern Photographers in the News, Part 1 -- Summer 2016

Folks, its been a long, hot summer, even for the South. July was supposed to be the hottest month on record, ever. 

But lots of good things have been happening in Southern photography, more than I can cover in one post. So, let's get started.

Mississippi-based photographer Betty Press (see image above) continues the phenomenally successful career trajectory she was on in 2015.  

Press has received the Julia Margaret Cameron Award for photography for 2016 in the category of Capacities and Street Photography. 

She has also had work in a recent group show celebrating Mississippi photographers at the Fischer Gallery in Jackson, MS. 

More on that show in a later post.

Chapel Hill-based photographer Lori Vrba's new book The Moth Wing Diaries (see image above) has been reviewed by One Twelve Publishing, go here.

Vrba is having a special sale of prints of this, the cover image for her book, at the moment, go here. 

Williamsburg, VA-based photographer Eliot Dudik (see image above) has had work from his Still Lives portfolio on display in a group show at the Pictura Gallery in Bloomington, Indiana as well as in a solo show in the Atelier Gallery of the Griffin Museum of Photography in Boston. 

Dudik's work, and his career, have also been the subject of a conversation on HOT SHOE, here

Tamara Reynolds (see image above), Zach Wolfe (see image directly below), and Micah Cash (see image two images below) have recently had photo essays on view at The Bitter Southerner. 

Reynolds' work is a personal exploration of her relationship to the American South, while Wolfe's work documents the Southern hip hop scene, and Cash's work explores the visual impact of the TVA on the Southern landscape.

More to come from the Southern Photographer, so keep an eye on this space!

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