Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Lori Vrba at the Southeast Center for Photography

Chapel Hill-based photographer Lori Vrba has a major show of work from her Portal portfolio now up at Greenville, SC's Southeast Center for Photography, in their exhibition space downtown, at 1239 Pendleton Street. 

Vrba's show is up through August 27th, and has already begun to receive wide and enthusiastically positive notice, including this feature interview by Aline Smithson in Lenscratch and this feature story in Rfotofolio.

Vrba is a master of vision, and of realizing her vision in the darkroom and in the spaces she commands for installations of her work. Art, in her view, is a matter both of finely-made objects and of the settings in which she locates them. 

Happily, to give us an idea of what she has in store for us, Vrba has posted a video of the show on Vimeo, here:


Vrba speaks of this portfolio as involving a journey both outward and inward, or as she puts it, "Portal is about the entry point into a world that is exotic, mystical, spiritual and maybe even a little bit dangerous.  (Or in other words…The South).  

"As I’ve gone deeper into the work, I’ve realized that the portal could lead inward as well; to an internal place of essence, magic, grace and fortitude."

This Portal show is definitely worth your trip to Greenville. Congratulations to Vrba on yet another fine body of work, and yet another compelling installation!


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