Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Alan Rothschild and the Do Good Fund Featured in the Georgia Review

The Georgia Review for Winter 2016 is an important one for Southern photography. 

As we noted in the entry on Cynthia Henebry, this issue features her prize winning image Mavis in the Backseat on the cover.

In addition, this issue includes an essay on the history and mission of the Do Good Fund, here, and a portfolio of thirteen photographs from the Do Good Fund,  including work by Maude Schuyler Clay (see image above), Tamora Reynolds (see image below), and Pamela Pecchio (see image #2 below).

In addition, this issue of the Georgia Review also contains the transcript of an extended interview with Alan Rothschild, founder of the Do Good Fund, entitled Tracing the American South, go here.

Conducted by Tom Rankin and Rachel Boillot of Duke's Center for Documentary Studies, this interview ranges widely over the history, goals, and guiding principles of the Do Good Fund.

Here's a sample of what Rothschild has to say:
One of the reasons for collecting photographs is that "we can take the collection to places such as storefront galleries in small towns. 

[They] may not have the perfect museum temperature or the perfect museum lighting, but we can show images in spaces that most museums shy away from. 

"We had a pop-up show in an old cotton gin in Atlanta and brought in a crowd of 125 folks under thirty years old to see the show. I hope that got them interested in going to galleries and museums and seeing more. 

"My exit strategy is that when the project gets too big for out volunteer group, or if something happens to me and others are not as interested in t as I am, it’s going to be a collection that will be strong enough for a regional museum to pick up as their own."

Sounds good to me. 

Congratulations to Rothschild for all his good work with the Do Good Fund, and thanks to Rankin and to Boillot, and to the Georgia Review for bringing Rothschild and the Fund well-deserved recognition!

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