Thursday, January 14, 2016

News of Southern Photographers for Early 2016

Items of Interest on a cold January day:

1. Greensboro-based photographer Leah Sobsey (see image above) is publishing a book project with Daylight Books entitled Collections: Birds Bones Butterflies, featuring her photographs of specimens of birds, bones, and butterflies (naturally) from the collections of natural histopry museums. 

Sobsey is running a campaign on INDEGOGO to raise money to defray some of the publication costs. Go here if you would like to help her out in this very worthy project. 

2. Chapel Hill based photographer Susan Harbage Page (see image above) -- who has a day job as Assistant Professor of Women's and Gender Studies at the University of North Carolina in Chapel Hill -- has been interviewed about her photography along the border between Mexico and the USA by folks at the Institute for the Arts and Humanities at UNC.

You can hear a podcast of this interview if you go here

3. Atlanta's Jennifer Schwartz is involved with Flash Powder Projects, and you can learn more about what she's now up to if you go to the Flash Powder website, here.  

4. Seems to me that for a guy from Virginia and points South, Eliot Dudik (see image above) has been spending entirely too much time lately in Maine, and in January too.

Dudik has spent at least part of his time in Bar Harbor, where right now, as of this writing, the temperature is 20 degrees and the wind is blowing over 10 miles per hour. 

Young man, what has come over you? Makes me shiver to think about it.

For more news of Dudik's adventures in the frigid North, go here.  

5. Raleigh's Roger May (see image above) continues to go great guns with his efforts to diversify the press coverage of Appalachia, including notice in the Atlantic Monthly, here. 

6. The latest Southern photographers to be featured on Jeff Rich's Eyes on the South blog for the Oxford American are Jared Ragland (see image above) and Matt Odum (see image below).

7. Nashville-based photographer Shawne Brown (see image below) is the latest Southern photographer to be featured in the online magazine Ain't Bad, here. 

8. Stacy Kranitz (see image below) has had images from her portfolio of photographs of young white men doing stupid things, entitled From the Study on Post-Pubescent Manhood, published in the online magazine GUP, go here. 

All for now -- I'll be adding to this blog entry in the days ahead. Keep checking back!


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