Monday, December 7, 2015

The Southern Photographer's Guide to Holiday Shopping

Something new this year from The Southern Photographer

We've never tried this before, but here goes. For holiday giving, by all means, buy local. 

But in a sense everything is local in the South, and if you do want to broaden your shopping horizons, here are some sources for photography-related gear and accessories

If you have suggestions for sites to add to this list of resources for holiday giving, please send them to me and I will include them in this list. 

Check out the following:

KEH Logo

For camera gear, KEH Camera is our regional (if not local) major gear supplier, providing, as they say, The Smarter Way to Buy and Sell your gear.

Nancy McCrary has lots of Southern photography goodies for your consideration at the SxSE Shop, now open here

The General Store at the Bitter Southerner has some nifty stuff, some of it photography-related.

For the Southern Photographer who has always wanted to be a Magnum photographer, Magnum Photos is selling marked-up contact sheets from such distinguished members of Magnum as Martin Parr, Eliot Erwitt, and Philippe Halsman, go here.
And for the Southern Photographer Who Has Everything, and who has been Especially Good, there is of course the ultimate present, William Eggleston's The Democratic Forest, a ten-volume set of books containing more than 1,000 photographs Eggleston made in the 1980's.

Eggleston's images included in these 10 volumes range from work made in Louisiana to Boston, through cities and small towns, cotton fields, and Civil War battlefields. 

According to the publisher, the "democratic" in Eggleston's title refers to a democracy of vision, through which the most mundane subjects are represented with the same complexity and significance as the most elevated. 

Only $600 a set from your local bookstore, or a tiny bit less from You Know Who

I'm hoping for more input, and if you help me, there is more to come.

Lets hear from folks! 

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