Wednesday, July 1, 2015

The Summer of Sally Mann

Distinguished Southern Photographer Sally Mann is having an eventful summer, following publication earlier this year of her new autobiography Hold Still: A Memoir with Photographs.

The New York Times ran an interview about the book with Mann, actually the second interview they've done with Mann about this book, here:

The book is being reviewed widely. You may find reviews here:






and here:

Vogue has run its second feature story this year on Mann, here:

Also, on Bustle:

In the photography press, Jorg Colberg has published a review and meditation on Hold Still, on his blog Conscientious here:

Also on Collector Daily:

And there is much, much more. Google "Sally Mann Hold Still," and you'll find out. 

Mann is a challenging, deeply personal photographer, deeply embedded in her Southern identity.

She has thought long and hard about the South, a place to her of "mystery and complexity . . . preoccupied with the past, with myth, with family, with death."

Here is Mann on Southern light:

"The light in the South is so different from the North, where you have this crisp and clear light. 

"There is no mystery in that light. Everything is revealed in the Northern light. 

"You have to live in the South to understand the difference. 

"In summer, the quality of the air and light are so layered, complex, and mysterious, especially in the late afternoon. 

"I was able to catch the quality of that light in a lot of the photos."

Every Southern photographer needs to read this book.

Mann has also been doing a book tour, "An Evening with Sally Mann," well worth a visit if she comes to your area. 

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