Friday, March 27, 2015

Rebekah Jacob and the Southern Camera Project

Rebekah Jacob, who owns and runs the splendid Rebekah Jacob Gallery in Charleston, SC, has announced a new initiative to bring "cutting-edge and collectible" photographs by "both seasoned and emerging artists in the Southern region" to the attention of collectors. 

 Jacob is calling this initiative the Southern Camera Project, or SCP, for short.

To get it started, she has created, on her Gallery's website, an online set of galleries for photographers who work, in Jacob's words, "East of the Mississippi River and South of the Mason Dixon Line."  

Display and sales of work will all be handled online. Jacob has organized a process of submission and review for photographers' work. 

She has also committed her time and entrepreneurial talents to promoting the work both through the SCP site and through social media.   

Work from a number of photographers is already on view on the SCP site, and the portal is open for additional submissions. Jacob says that the site will eventually display the work of up to 50 photographers. 

This sounds like an exciting opportunity for photographers not from the Charleston area to gain access to this area's culturally vibrant art scene, as well as to all the folks who have come to appreciate Jacob's discerning eye and the overall quality of her gallery.

Many, many thanks to Rebekah Jacob for this exciting new initiative!

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