Friday, August 22, 2014

Southern Photographers in the Galleries, Late Summer 2014

There are a number of shows in the museums and galleries that are worthy of our attention, at the end of summer. Here are a few of them.

Charlotte, NC-based photographer Micah Cash (see image above) now has a show of photographs up at the National Archives in Atlanta. 

These photographs are part of a portfolio called Dangerous Waters and are up now at the Archives through November.30, 2014. 

Cash says these images explore the contemporary social consequences of the Tennessee Valley Authority. 

They are on exhibit as part of a broader consideration by the National Archives of the legacy and impact of the Tennessee Valley Authority.

The GreenHill Center in Greensboro, NC is hosting a show of photographs by five North Carolina photographers that document their response to the experience of being in China. 

Up through Sepmtember 6th, 2014, this show features work by Jerome De Perlinghi, Joe Lipka, Bill McAllister, David M. Spear, and Barbara Tyroler, all of whom, according to the GreenHill's account, "have traveled to China and through their lenses have captured the sights, textures, nuances, shadow and light they found there."

Curated by Edie Carpenter,  the work in this show intends to "facilitate a dialogue around generally received notions and mythology surrounding China and contemporary visual representations of the globe’s most powerful emerging economy."

According to Carpenter, the work of Jerome De Perlinghi and Barbara Tryoler documents people in urban settings, while David Spear presents images from a voyage up the Yangtze River. 

Joe Lipka and Bill McAllister offer landscapes that "tell stories of a country where past and present overlap.”

Columbia, SC-based photographer Kathleen Robbins (see image above) is having a show of work from her Into the Flatland portfolio at the Halsley Institute of Contemporary Art, located at the College of Charleston.

This show opens August 23rd, with a reception from 6:30 - 8:00 pm and is up through October 4th, 2014. 

This show is in addition to her show also up at the Rebekah Jacob Gallery in Charleston, through September 8th, 2014.

Much good work here, and more to come!

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