Thursday, April 3, 2014

Southern Photographers in the News, Part 3 -- Early Spring 2014

Eight items of interest --

1. The NC Museum of Art has a new selection of work up in its ongoing Close to Home: A Decade of Acquisitions exhibition, now through August 10th, 2014. 

This round of work continues to reflect the museum's renewed commitment to photography as an art form, and to North Carolina photographers in particular.

This phase of the show includes photographs by NC-based photographers Elizabeth Matheson, Caroline Vaughan, elin oHara slavickDavid Simonton, Bill BambergerCarolyn DeMeritt (see image above), and Rob Amberg.

2. Chapel Hill-based photographer Lori Vrba is opening a show of work from her portfolio Drunken Poet's Dream (see image above) this weekend at Houston's Catherine Couturier Gallery, up through April 26th, 2014.

3. Norfolk, VA-based photographer Matt Eich was a finalist in this year's Aperture Portfolio Prize competition, won finally by a photographer Not From Around Here. Eich's portfolio for this competition is here.

4. Rebekah Jacob Gallery, in Charleston, now has up their annual Somewhere in the South show, through April 15th, 2014.

This year, the show features color photographs of the South by a number of Southern photographers, including past masters William Eggleston and William Christenberry as well as contemporary artists including  Eliot Dudik, Kathleen Robbins, Walker Pickering (see image above), and Susan Worsham.

5. Raleigh-based photogrpaher David Simonton and Hickory-based photographer Aaron Canipe are among photographers recently featured on the American Guide website.

6. Asheville-based photographer Ralph Burns (see image above) has a show up at the Asheville Art Museum, through July 20th, 2014, as well as work on display at Blue Spiral 1, the Asheville craft gallery. 

7. Atlanta-based Crusader for Photography Jennifer Schwartz has published a guide to success in the world of fine art photography, called Crusade for Your Art, which looks to be really helpful in understanding the complex world of shows, galleries, portfolio reviews, festivals, websites, marketing, and social media. Available at your favorite Amazon website.

8. Finally, for now, the following photographers have been featured on Jeff Rich's Eyes on the South blog for the Oxford American magazine, since we last checked:

Robbie McCalarin
Ansley West Rivers
Talbot Easton Selby
Betty Press (see image above)
Aaron Turner
Becky Harland
Houston Colfield (see image below)

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