Friday, February 21, 2014

Donna Rosser is having a great 2014 -- and its only February

Atlanta-based photographer Donna Rosser had a great 2013 (go here) and is already having a great 2014.

We last checked in with Rosser early in the fall of 2013. Later last year, she received a Merit of Excellence award from the Black and White Spider Awards, as well as two honorable mentions at the IPA (International Photography Association) Awards.

Earlier this year Rosser exhibited work in Holland as a result of her success having three images accepted through the Holland International ImageCircuit competition.

Even more recently, Rosser was awarded first place in the Places category for her image East Beach (see image above) in the One Shot Competition in this year's International Photography Awards, as well as two more honorable mention awards.

 To top things off, Rosser's image Stars over Low Tide (see image above) was the Director's Choice award winner for a recent show at the Kiernan Gallery in Lynchburg, VA.

And, she has work on view at the moment or forthcoming in galleries and exhibitions across the South, and especially in Lake City, SC, LaGrange, GA, and Johnson City, TX.  

And, its only February. Who knows what the future will bring for the Barefoot Photographer?