Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Support the Light Factory -- New Year's Eve Appeal

Charlotte's Light Factory has been a center for Southern photography since 1972, featuring classes, exhibitions, competitions, and all the good things that a dedicated organization can do for a community.

But 2013 has been a difficult year for the Light Factory, with financial crises, crises in leadership, and a host of other challenges which for a time seemed to threaten the organization's future. 

But the folks in charge now seem to have recovered themselves. Here is the latest news, from Rebecca and the rest of the Light Factory Team --

"We recently moved to a new location in Plaza Midwood and are building out the space for classes and exhibitions. We’re also in the process of developing a strategic plan that will ensure The Light Factory's future as a sustainable, independent, nonprofit organization promoting photography and film in Charlotte and beyond.

"We are committed to transparency and welcome your ideas and suggestions at info@lightfactory.org."

New classes are scheduled, a Kickstarter project is in the works, and everywhere there is new life and energy.

This is all good news, indeed.

The Light Factory has been a center for the development of Southern photography since 1972. 

Every vital organization has its institutional ups and downs. Long may the Light Factory thrive.

We can support the renaissance of the Light Factory by giving a year-end gift or becoming a member.

I'm chipping in, and encourage you to do so, too.

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