Friday, August 16, 2013

Job Opening at Jimmy Williams Productions

Raleigh-based photographer Jimmy Williams is looking for a Studio Manager.

This will be a splendid opportunity for someone who wants to learn about the professional and creative practice of photography with an exceptionally talented and creative and successful photographer and a gracious human being.

Williams says he needs someone with "a strong creative and photographic background primarily to manage the daily administrative and creative operations of the studio and assist in the production of photo shoots including pre and post production, retouching, printing, framing.

"This position is primarily an administrative position, but has the opportunity to expand to a creative position as well. Preferred candidates will possess a strong administrative background with some creative experience."

 The full job description and instructions about applying are available online, here.

Or you could contact Catherine Schramm at 3801 Beryl Rd Raleigh NC 27607, or at, or at 919.832.5971 or at 919.880.1210.

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