Monday, July 15, 2013

Updated -- Walker Evans at the Museum of Modern Art

The Museum of Modern Art in NYC is opening a show of photographs by Walker Evans on July 19th, up through January 26th, 2014.

This show, Walker Evans American Photographs, celebrates the 75th anniversary of the show Walker Evans American Photographs held at MoMA in 1938, which was the first one-person photography exhibition at MoMA.

There is a fine review of this show in the New York Times for July 18, 2013 by  Ken Johnson.

This show was a landmark event in the recognition of photography as a medium for the creation of fine art. Since so much of Evans' work in this show was made in the American South, this show had a great deal to do with creating an image of the South in American culture.

That event in 1938 was accompanied by the publication of a catalogue for the show called Walker Evans American Photographs. The publication of this book was itself a landmark event in the development of the book as a medium for displaying a portfolio of photographs as a coherent work of art.

MoMA says, "Together and separately, through these projects Walker Evans created a collective portrait of the Eastern United States during a decade of profound transformation—one that coincided with the flood of everyday images, both still and moving, from an expanding mass culture and the construction of a Modernist history of photography."

The program for this year's show, called Walker Evans: American Photographs. Seventy-Fifth Anniversary Edition, is a new edition of the original program which "re-creates the original as closely as possible with the aid of new digital printing technology, making the landmark publication available for a new generation."

This show is definitely worth seeing, if you are in NYC this fall. The catalogue is available through the MoMA Store, here.

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