Monday, February 11, 2013

Memphis Photographers Present Self-Portraits on the Web

Two Memphis-based photographers are making strong and challenging art by turning their cameras on themselves.
Memphis-based photographer Frances Berry has a portfolio of really interesting self-studies (see image above) up this month on the on-line Gallery Projekt30. 

She has a BFA from the University of Alabama and is now working on an MFA from the Memphis College of Art, where she probably takes classes from Haley Morris-Cafiero, is the Director of Graduate Studio Art at the Memphis College of Art.

Morris-Cafiero, who holds a BFA from the University of North Florida and an MFA from the University of Arizona,  also has work featured now on the Web, with work from her Wait Watchers portfolio, on the PetaPixel blog, here. 

Morris-Cafiero here takes the concept of street photography one step further; instead of settling for photographing people in the street, she takes photographs of people responding to her in the street.

These images remind me of Jeff Wall's photograph Mimic, but Jeff had to spend a bundle setting his images up, hiring actors, and staging the whole thing.

I'm not quite sure how these photographs were made, frankly, but the idea is compelling and the images are arresting.       

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