Monday, July 11, 2011

UPDATED -- North Carolina Photographers Featured at Light Factory and DOMA Gallery, also at the NC Museum of Art

Charlotte's Light Factory now has up its fourth juried Annuale, through September 25th, 2011, at the Light Factory, 345 North College Street, in Charlotte.

Susan Edwards was the juror.

Winners include Asheville, NC's Scott Hubener, Matthews, NC's Glenn DeRosa, Charlotte's Rachel Nemecek, and Nashville's Jerry Atnip.

(Winners also include Lynda Harris and Ronit Citri, but, as my father would say, they aren't from around here.)

More about all of them HERE.

Also in Charlotte, DOMA Photography Gallery at 1310 South Tryon Street,  is hosting a juried exhibit of work by five North Carolina photographers, entitled  the "Eyes of Carolina Exhibition," up now through September 3, 2011.

This show features work by Asheville's Eric Baden, Chapel Hill's Frank Konhaus, Wilmington's Mike Smith, and Charlotte's Jeff Murphy and Rachel Nemecek.

Images from this show are now available on line from DOMA, HERE.

Since Rachel is having a summer to remember, her image gets featured on this blog entry (see above).

Larry Wheeler, the Director of  North Carolina Museum of Art, was the juror. You can read his remarks about his selections HERE.

Speaking of Larry Wheeler, his museum in Raleigh (well, OUR museum in Raleigh, but he runs it), better known as the North Carolina Museum of Art, is hosting two shows this summer that alsoeature North Carolina photographers in prominent roles.

One is entitled Landscape Sublime: Contemporary Photography (up now through November 13th), which includes the work of a who's who of distinguished North Carolina photographers -- John Menapace, Elizabeth Matheson, David Simonton, Titus Heagins, Caroline Vaughan, and Alex Harris

The other show is entitled Mirror Image: Women Portraying Women, up now through November 27th.

This is a multi-media show that includes paintings and other media, but also includes photographs by North Carolina photographers Margaret Sartor, Linda Foard Roberts, elin o’Hara slavick, Caroline Vaughan, Mary Shannon Johnstone, and Susan Harbage Page.

Both these shows are in the NCMA's East Building, and both are well worth a long, meditative visit.

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