Thursday, February 17, 2011

Johnathan Kelso on Miss Moss

The endlessly fascinating  Miss Moss today brings us to Atlanta-based photographer Johnathan Kelso who is doing some nice work photographing the heart of the New South. Very much worth checking out.

Miss Moss is taken by the fact that on his website John says, "i like to take pictures and play with my dog (copernicus)." I'm intrigued by the images of shape note singers and people hanging out in Southern bars or Dairy Queens. Your mileage may vary.

John is a member of a really interesting-sounding group called Dashboard Co-Op, and they sponsored a show lately that included his work. This show is at 999 Brady Avenue in Atlanta. It may be still up, but you need to contact them to find out where it is and how to see the work. There is a review here.

We look forward to seeing more of Johnathan's work. He's the first member of a new category we are calling Southern Photographers We've Just Noticed. 

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