Monday, January 17, 2011

David Simonton Featured on One One Thousand

David Simonton, Raleigh photographer and one of the Southern Photographers We Admire on this site,  is the latest photographer to be featured on One One Thousand, the fine new web magazine about Southern photography.

David has been photographing in the South, and especially in small town North Carolina since he moved from New Jersey in 1989. He has now photographed in over 350 towns and cities in the Tar Heel State. His work has been included in juried shows and solo exhibitions across the nation. David was one of a small group of North Carolina photographers to be purchased by the NC Museum of Art several years ago when they got serious about collecting fine art photography.

David does exquisite black and white images in the darkroom. He works in the documentary tradition but seeks a more elusive sense of the state of things, of the process of change, of transitions from past to present, than one often finds in documentary work, where the concern often seems to be about what is, what is there, what it looked like when it was there. 

For more about David, go here. For more of David's work in One One Thousand, go here.

Congratulations to David --we're glad to know you!

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