Saturday, December 4, 2010

Kathleen Robbins is Mid-Career Photographer of the Month at Texas Photographic Society

Mississippi native and Columbia, SC resident Kathleen Robbins is Mid-Career Photographer of the Month for December 2010 for the Texas Photographic Society. You may find a portfolio of her work on their website, here,

This portfolio consists of ten images Robbins made while living in her ancestral home place in the Mississippi Delta, the place that has been called the South of the South. She found the truth of Faulkner's observation that in the South we live in a world shaped profoundly by long lost events and people and places, or as he put it, "the past isn't dead; its not even past."

Kathleen says that for a time she "ate from my great-grandmother’s china, drank from her crystal and slept in her bed. At dusk I rocked on the porch and watched the blackbirds descend on the canebrake planted by my great-grandfather. Living on the farm I existed in a strange continuum. My family’s history and their connection to this place were markedly present in my everyday experience."

So she made these familiar and yet haunting, contemporary and yet timeless, images.  She is also having a show of this body of work right now at the Du Mois Gallery in New Orleans as part of this year's PhotoNOLA. Check 'em out.

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