Thursday, November 4, 2010

Photography Show Opening at Flanders Gallery this Friday

Raleigh's Flanders Gallery is opening a large photography show this week in their new space at 302 South West Street, in the Warehouse District of Downtown Raleigh.The opening reception for this show, which is entitled Open Season, is from 6:00 - 8:50 pm.

This show, curated by photography collector Allen Thomas, features, in addition to the image Rialto Theater by Brian Ulrich, shown above, work by a wide range of photographers including Keliy Anderson-Staley, Tim Briner, Jesse Burke, Katrina d’Autremont, Ian F.G. Dunn, Nils Ericson, Dan Estabrook, Jody Fausett, Taj Forer, Anthony Goicolea, Allison Hunter, Michael Itkoff, Bill Jacobson, Sara Anne Johnson, Carrie Levy, Chris McCaw, Pamela Pecchio, Kristine Potter, Francesca Romeo, Kerry Skarbakka, Tema Stauffer, Bill Sullivan, Tim Tate, Burk Uzzle, Stacy Lynn Waddell, Shen Wei, Jeff Whetstone, and Cosmo Whyte.

Some of these folks are Southerners, though most are not. They are in the show because they appealed to Allen Thomas, a life-long Southerner who lives in the not-so-small North Carolina town of Wilson and who has been building a collection of contemporary photography for some years.

The folks at Flanders Gallery explain the title "Open Season" as "referencing those times during which certain hunting regulations are lifted, suggests an occasionally liberating free-for-all, a sort of throwback to the Bakhtinian conception of the carnival and the psychological release and escape it inspires. In other words, an open season cannot exist without an accompanying regimentation of society whose forced order can be briefly relaxed. It is in this regard that the phrase parallels art collecting. The act of acquiring can engender feelings of euphoria, but life’s practicalities rarely allow for it to constitute a consistent reality."

This is a major photography show for Raleigh, and for North Carolina -- definitely worth checking out.

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