Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Jimmy Williams, Southern Romantic Photographer

Raleigh, NC-based photographer Jimmy Williams is having a year to remember. His work has been featured several times in PDN, he won two awards from Canada's Applied Arts Magazine, he had a big show at Durham's Arts Guild and another at Durango, Colorado's Open Shutter Gallery, as well as work in a show at the Center for Fine Art Photography in Fort Collins, Colorado.

Jimmy is a big-time commercial photographer in Raleigh,with his own commercial lab as well as his fine art photography business. His technical skill with lighting and with post-production carries over into his fine art work, which is, as they say, drop-dead gorgeous. The warmth of his colors, his skill with light, the formality and timelessness of his compositions, and his empathy with landscape and with people make this Southern romantic photography.

Jimmy's commercial experience also carries over into his skill with marketing his fine art work, a skill which has also won him major recognition, again from PDN, for his promotion of his Music Maker portfolio. The image at the top of this posting is from Jimmy's Music Maker portfolio; it shows Jimmy's skill with lighting as well as his sense of the moment, of character, and of composition.

What I like best about Jimmy Williams' photography, though, is his wit, his eye for finding the moment within a very formal composition that animates and enlivens that composition. Here's my favorite Jimmy Williams photograph -- its Paris, its about art, its an elegant, well-seen composition, but its also a really cute dog in just the right place.

 You gotta love it.  Jimmy Williams is definitely a Southern Photography We Admire.

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