Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Tierney Gearon at Jackson Fine Art


Atlanta-born photographer Tierney Gearon will open a show of new work entitled Explosure at Jackson Fine Art Gallery in Atlanta on October 30, 2009, running through January 16, 2010. Gearon, whose past work draws on the approaches and subject matter familiar to us from southern photographers Sally Mann and Ralph Eugene Meatyard, often asks her viewers to contemplate difficult, highly personal subject matter.

The images in Explosure involve multiple exposures to create imaginary worlds characterized by ironic, awkward, and challenging juxtapositions. I saw this work in Los Angeles earlier this year. It is stunningly complex visually. Elements familiar from Gearon's earlier work are also present here, but are treated with new subtlety through Gearon's employment of overlapping images. In light of this work, much of what passes for fine art photography  in the current scene appears dull and banal. I strongly recommend this show.

Gearon will give a talk about her work at the High Museum of Art on Thursday, Oct 29th, at 7pm. 

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