Friday, September 13, 2013

Mr Bennette and Lori Vrba Make Special Plans for Slow Exposures

SlowExposures opens this year on September 20th, in Pike County, Georgia, just south of Atlanta. And it is becoming more of a photography festival with every passing year.

The schedule of events now lists portfolio reviews, satellite shows, pop-up shows, workshops, formal presentations on photographic practice, and scheduled informal discussions in addition to the customary gatherings for food and Southern hospitality.

Here are a couple of examples of what's happening.

John Bennette, the distinguished curator of photography, is offering once again his own special vision of Southern photography, in a satellite show at the Whiskey Bonding Barn, in Molena, Ga, entitled Fins, Fur,  Feathers,  and Foliage. 

Mr. Bennette's show brings together the work of a number of photographers of the Southern landscape, including Laura Noel, Jane Robbins Kerr, Donna Rosser, Eliot Dudik (see image above), Bryce Lankard, S. Gayle Stevens, McNair Evans, and, as they say, many more.

Mr. Bennette has been giving us a foretaste of the work in this show on his blog, Hanging with Mr Bennette, and you can check it out here.

In addition, Chapel Hill, NC-based photographer Lori Vrba (see image above) is bringing an RV to SlowExposures this year.

She and her colleagues Anne Berry, Ann George, S.Gayle Stevens, and Bryce Lankard have formed what they are calling a Photography Posse.

They are all going to be living in the RV, making music, and discussing photography. Vrba and her friend Dennis Kiel will be playing guitar, Lankard will be on harmonica, and the rest of the Posse will be on percussion.

AND they are also having a group pop-up show entitled Hay Now...A Pitchfork Posse Production, set up  in a working barn.

Vrba had a widely celebrated pop-up show in New Orleans at PhotoNOLA a couple of years ago, so this one ought to be a similar blend of wit, timeliness, celebration, and exceptional photography.

Vrba says that everyone at SlowExposures should be on the lookout for "the lit-up trailer house" and come on over to join the party.


  1. Thank you Mr. Wall for the shout out but you give me far more credit than what I deserve. My guitar playing is weak but the Posse is fierce. S. Gayle Stevens will be teaching a wetplate workshop and Anne Berry has helped coordinate the entire event. The divine Ann George and the distinguished Bryce Lankard are butter to the cornbread. The Hay Now show opens Friday evening at 7pm and then the barn doors will be open any time we're parked on the RV porch.

  2. Wonderful blog post John -- we still wish you could be here -- maybe another year!