Thursday, August 2, 2012

New Southern Photography at the Odgen Museum in New Orleans

The Odgen Museum of Southern Art  opens a new group show called New Southern Photography with an reception at the museum from 6  to 9 this Saturday, August 4th.

The work will be up until  in the Ogden Museum, at 925 Camp Street in New Orleans, through October 2012. 

This show features the work of established and emerging photographers, chiefly but not exclusively members of the New Orleans Photography Alliance.

Photographers with work in the show include a number of folks with whose work I am familiar and a number of folks who are new to me.

They include Bernie Imes, Tom Wik (see image above),  Victor Balaban, DH Cooper, Heidi Kirkpatrick, Alex Leme, Donna Pinckley, Woody Woodroof, Sesthasak Boonchai, Lissette de Boisblanc, Charles Franklin, Kevin Kline, Don Norris, Kathleen Robbins, S Gayle Stevens, Colleen Mullins, Frank Hamrick, and  Warren Thompson.

This should be a first-class show. Shows like this -- at their best -- are about identifying who is doing strong work, and thus are about developing a canon of artists worth paying attention to.

I probably will not make it to New Orleans before this show closes, but I hope to get a catalogue.

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  1. This morning I heard Terry Gross' interview with Lee Maynard, author of Crum, on 'Fresh Air.'

    I thought it excellent, and since it discusses some of the same issues you have raised or addressed here concerning Appalachia, well worth listening to.